Early Childhood Teacher CV Service

 Three specialists work on your CV

Our professional ECE and HR specialists will work together to provide you a unique and top-quality CV that will surely win you interview opportunities.

 Educational trends and keywords

We know Te Whāriki, programme planning, self review, cultural diversity, behaviour management, various learning theories and teaching philosophies, positive guidance and so much more. More importantly, we are knowledgable of  how to use these keywords to make your CV stand out.

 Personalised service 

Our personalised CV writing service will make sure your CV showcases your teacher professional knowledge and skills, personal qualities, and your achievements - whether you are a beginning teacher or embarking a new phase of your career.

 We know NZ teacher job market 

We keep up to date with current teacher job market trend. Our service is only aimed at early childhood teachers in New Zealand. This means among all the CV writing services, we know ECE teachers' needs the best. We know what employers look for and what qualities they are expecting teachers to demonstrate. 

 CV + Cover letter package 

Need a cover letter as well? No problem. Our CV + Cover letter package will ensure you the best quality with the best value. 

How does it work?

After you purchase this service, you will receive an email notification from us including your order details. Please reply this email with your current CV attached. If you do not have a current CV (or if you would like to provide us more information), please fill in our CV questionnaire and send it back to us.