Interview Questions & Answers

Early Childhood Teacher Interview Questions and Answers 


Early Childhood Teacher Interview Questions and Answers NZ 

The all-you-need interview guide for New Zealand teachers


This book is designed to be a powerful guide for early childhood teachers who are looking for employment in New Zealand. It will give you the insight in how to stand out and better quantify your experiences and achievements in your teacher interviews which will separate you from other candidates.


The aim of the book is to help you stand out in the teacher interviews and increase the chance of landing your dream job by 90%. 


It includes:

– 70 most frequently asked early childhood teacher interview questions in New Zealand

– Detailed guide outlining what to include in the answers

– Sample winning answers to the questions


Plus you also get:

– A step by step guide showing you how to practice the questions

– Ways to develop your CV and cover letter

– And much more


The strategies in this guide are based on the reality of what New Zealand employers are looking for and the answers are related closely to New Zealand child care system.


The focus of Early Childhood Teacher Interview Questions and Answers is on the qualities and characters required for teachers and professional knowledge and skills based on Te Whāriki which makes this book different from any other interview coaching book.


Do you know how to answer these ECE teacher interview questions?

  1. Why did you decide to be a teacher?
  2. What do you like most about teaching?
  3. What is your most challenging teaching experience?
  4. How do you plan?
  5. Tell me about your behaviour management strategy.
  6. How do you teach to Te Whāriki?
  7. Can you tell me about self-review?
  8. Can you tell me about learning dispositions?


This teacher interview questions and answers guide has been proven to help teachers be prepared to effectively and confidently answer the majority of questions they face in an interview.

Early Childhood Teacher Interview Questions and Answers helps you to

  • better prepare for your teacher interviews
  • have much more confidence going into your interviews
  • effectively answer interview questions to best showcase your teaching skills and experiences, thus putting you in a position to get the job you deserve


With this expert guide you will know just what to say and what not to say so as to win the teaching job you want.